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Blue Birds February News

Tustin Preschool

Look what we learned last month!

In January the blue birds enjoyed playing community helpers dress-up.  They decorated doctor’s bag and painted a tooth using a toothbrush.  We also practice cutting with scissors.  Learned letters Oo-Rr and there sounds.  We practice a lot of tracing and writing our names.  We also enjoyed the visit form the officer friendly spoke to us about “stranger danger” and got to sit on her police car.  The fire engine came by to visit us and we got to see their cool equipment and they us when putting out a fire.  We practiced counting with money and celebrated our 100th day of school.  It was so much fun dressing up in our favorite super hero costume.  Everyone is learning their birthday.  We had a month full of learning and fun activities!

What we will learn this month…

In February we will make fun stuff for friendship and Valentines.  Paint using the colors red, purple and pink.  Make special valentine’s card using lots of hearts.  Also we will learn about Dr. Seuss and Nursery Rhymes, learning letters Ss-Vv.  Learning our birthday’s numbers 1-30 and tracing or drawing shapes.  We will also have a snack party for Valentine’s Day on Friday, February 14th at 9am.  Sign up will be posted by the sign in/out book.  Your child will need a lunch on the day of the party.  Please make sure to have 16 cards already signed with your child’s name on them, but not addressed.  We would like for our parents to bring in their child’s party item and cards by Wednesday, February 12th to make sure we don’t forget them!


•   Love & Frienship

•   Post Office & Valentines

•   Famous People & Birthdays

•   Nursery Rhymes & Dr. Seuss' Birthday

Language & Literacy:

•   Recognize & produce rhyming words

•   Identify birthday

•   Sight words


•   Sammy Snake Ss

•   Timothy Tiger Tt

•   Umber Umbrella Uu

•   Vincent Vampire Vv

Social & Emotional Skills:

•   Kindness & Caring

Cognitive & Mathematical Skills:

•   Count, recognize & order numbers 1-30

•   Recognize most colors

•   Recognize & draw most shapes 

Science & Social Studies:

•   Cause & effect

•   National & state symbols

•   Magnets

Large & Small Motor Skills:

•   Running & riding a tricycle, 

•   Cutting, writing name, eye hand coordination & pincer grasp


  •             Welcome Sharanya to our classroom.


–       Please bring an empty tissue or cereal box for a Valentines activity.  Please write your child’s name on it and place in cubby.  Please bring before February 10th.

–       Bring extra clothes and leave in cubby.

–       Read highlights everyday.

–       Put utensils in yours child’s lunch if needed.

–       Bring crib sheet and blanket in a pillowcase for naptime.


Dates to Remember

–       2/2:  Groundhog Day

–       2/7-14:  Mixed Bag Fundraiser

–       2/14:  Valentine’s day snack party at 9:00am

–       2/17:  School closed – President’s day

–       3/2:  Dr. Seuss’ Birthday – Wacky hair day!