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Blue Birds April News

Tustin Preschool

Look what we learned last month!

In March we celebrated St. Patrick’s by decorating a shamrock and making a pot of gold.  We also had fun at our snack party.  For pet week we collage a bunny and painted a gold fish.  We learned letters Ww-Zz.  The blue birds enjoyed tasting all the yummy food during our multicultural week.


What we will learn this month…

In April we will learn about life on the farm we will decorate a barn, color a cow and collage a sheep.  We will review letters Aa-Jj and opposites.  We will also learn about different ways to take care of earth, plants and animals, also what plants need to grow.  We will celebrate spring by having a snack party.  A signup sheet will


·      Multicultural

·      Life on the Farm

·      Nature & Our Environment

·      Plants & Growing Things

Language & Literacy:

·      Opposites

·      Matching sound to corresponding letter

·      Identify & write all upper & lower case letters in order


·      Review A – J

Social & Emotional Skills:

·      Respect

Cognitive & Mathematical Skills:

·      Sequencing & Patterning

·      1 to 1 Correspondence & Quantitative Concepts

Science & Social Studies:

·      Diversity

·      Geography

·      Characteristics of plants & animals

Large & Small Motor Skills:

·      Throwing & Catching

·      Cutting

·      Eye Hand Coordination

·      Pincer Grasp

·      Running


  • ·       Good job Pearson and Roman on improving on tracing. 

    ·       Great job to Justyn for knowing all letters and Zoophonics movements.

    ·       Welcome Yudai to our Blue Bird classroom.         



Please be on the lookout for our spring snack party sign up.  Please help by bringing in an item.  Thank you!


·       Make sure your child has a change of clothes in their cubby.

·       We do not provide utensils at lunch time please make sure to provide one if needed.

·       Do not forget your child’s needs a sheet and blanket for naptime.

·       Just a friendly reminder you must sign in and out every day.


Dates to Remember:

·       3/31-4/4:  Scholastic Book Fair

·       4/2:  Multicultural Day

·       4/18:  Spring Celebration Party

·       4/22:  Earth Day

·       4/23 & 24:  Spring Picture Day



Thank you to Pearson for bringing cupcakes on his birthday. 

Thank you to everyone that signed up for our St. Patrick’s snack party.