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Blue Birds April News

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Look what we learned last month!

In the month of March, the Blue Birds learned about Numbers, Pets, Leprechauns and Rainbows.  We also dedicated two weeks to multicultural week, which we spent learning and talking about different cultures.  In the beginning of the month, VONS and Carol Cipra made a very special visit to our school for a Dr. Seuss reading and snack all in honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday and National Children’s Day.  As a class, we celebrated St. Patrick's Day with our “Everything Green” party!  A very tricky little guy who goes by Luck the Leprechaun paid us a visit.  He set off our traps, left glitter everywhere, and sent us on a hunt for gold coins.  Later in the month, we talked about our pets, shared pictures and stories, and explained why our pets are so very important and special to each of us.  At the end of the March, we enjoyed learning about our cultures and what makes each of us unique.  We even tried some yummy foods too!  The Blue Birds had a great time exercising their creativity by making all sorts of art, such as number collages, Dr. Seuss hats, glitter shamrocks, marble paint shamrocks, pots of gold coins, rainbows, and much more!  Lastly, we finished our Zoo Phonic letters and counted numbers 1-30. 


What we will learn this month…

For the month of April, the Blue Birds will be learning about Life on the farm, Nature, Our environment, Plants and Growing Things.  We will be creating many different art projects such as spring collages and farm art.  We will also be decorating eggs, making flowers, and painting pictures of our beautiful planet Earth.  We also have some fun surprises in store as we experiment with watching things grow.  Now that we are done with Zoo Phonics, the Blue Birds will be reviewing letters Aa – Jj.


·      Multicultural

·      Life on the Farm

·      Nature & Our Environment

·      Plants & Growing Things

Language & Literacy:

·      Opposites

·      Matching sound to corresponding letter

·      Identify & write all upper & lower case letters in order


·      Review A – J

Social & Emotional Skills:

·      Respect

Cognitive & Mathematical Skills:

·      Sequencing & Patterning

·      1 to 1 Correspondence & Quantitative Concepts

Science & Social Studies:

·      Diversity

·      Geography

·      Characteristics of plants & animals

Large & Small Motor Skills:

·      Throwing & Catching

·      Cutting

·      Eye Hand Coordination

·      Pincer Grasp

·      Running





Welcome to our new Blue Birds: Zoe, Braylon, Kamryn, and Myla.

Jake and Eleyna are becoming pros at writing their names!

Gabriel is doing an awesome job with his writing!


Thank you to all the parents that helped provide Green Food, stickers, and gold coins for St. Patrick's Day. 






Please help by donating spring/foam stickers and plastic eggs that are filled.

Please bring in anything from your culture by Friday April 2nd

Class starts at 9:15 AM, so please be on time.  If your child is not here, they are missing out on the majority of the curriculum.

Please check the school’s website or emails for your child’s homework assignments.

Make sure to take backpacks home on Fridays to wash and bring clean on Mondays.  Remember one fitted sheet and one small blanket.  These items need to fit in the backpack.

Please remember that share days are Fridays only. Let's keep toys at home during the rest of the week.

Please provide a spoon and ice pack in your child's lunch box.  Take home empty containers each day, so we do not get ants.


Sign in and out each day with a full legal signature and a time.


Book Club – Our Favorites…

Plants and Growing, I am a Seed, Everything Grows



Dates to Remember

Spring Picture Day – Friday, April 11th.  🙂

Earth Day – Monday, April 22nd.

May Lunch Orders are due April 23rd.

Teacher Appreciation May 5th – 9th – Information will go out in emails.