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Blue Birds May News

Orange Preschool

Look what we’ve learned!

In the month of April, the Blue Birds learned about Life on a Farm, Nature, Our Environment, Plants and Growing Things, and celebrated multicultural day. We spoke about all the different cultures there are around the world. For example, how each culture has their own language and how we all dress differently. The Blue Birds also learned all the different animals that live on a farm, what a farmer does, and where we can go visit a farm. The Blue Birds also learned the importance of keeping our environment clean, how we can help to make it a better place for us to live! We also learned about how our plants and trees grow. The Blue Birds planted their own flowers and they watched them grow. They were very creative making butterflies, eggs, flowers, and bunnies. The Blue Birds continued reviewing our letters Aa-Jj and practiced our tracing. 


What we will learn in the month of May…

For the month of May, we will learn about plants and growing things, All about moms, insects and creepy crawlies, and colors. They will be making Mother's Day Gifts for their special Moms. The children will make insect and creepy crawly art, along with colorful paintings. As a class, we will talk about all the different plants there are, and why each is different. We will also talk about our mommies and what makes our mommies so very special. The Blue Birds will learn about the different insects there are and how we could tell one from the other. We will be reviewing the Zoo Phonics letters Ii – Rr this month.


·      All About Moms

·      Insects & Creepy Crawlies

·      Colors

Language & Literacy:

·      Matching sound to corresponding letter

·      Identify beginning and ending sounds

·      Recognize & produce rhyming words


·      Review letter, sound and Zoo-Phonics animal for letters K through R

Social & Emotional Skills:

·      Kindness & Caring

Cognitive & Mathematical Skills:

·      Graphing & Measuring

·      Money

·      Sequencing & Patterning

Science & Social Studies:

·      Cooking

·      Life Cycles

·      Days of the week & Months of the Year

Large & Small Motor Skills:

·      Drawing human figures

·      Eye hand coordination & pincer grasp

Outdoor Curriculum Theme this month:

·      Sports


Welcome to our new friends Adelle, Dominic, and Alessandro. 

Awesome job to Brody, Jeffrey, Chloe, Cooper, Hussain, and Lukas on writing their names on their own!
Fantastic work to our cleaning crew! A special shout out to the leader Jesiah!

Ce'Onie has done an amazing job during group time! Way to go! 


A special thank you to all the families that brought yummy food, music, pictures, and outfits to share for 

multicultural day. Thank You for having all the children here on time for picture day! It helped us finish fast. 


Teacher Appreciation is May 6th – May 10th. Please help me celebrate our fantastic teachers!!

It's time for our Penny Drive, so start looking for those pennies and help us win the Penny Drive. We will be using the pennies for counting, graphing, racing, sorting, and much much more. The Penny Drive starts May 26th. 

Please provide spoons and an ice pack for your child's lunch.

Share Toys are Fridays Only. Keep the toys at home on all other days.

Please provide an extra change of clothes. Please check your child's cubby daily. Please take home empty containers daily. 


Book Club – Our Favorites…

Who Will Tuck Me in Tonight?, A Pocket Full of Kisses, Hugs, Kiss, Kiss, Kiss Goodnight, Purplicious, Pinkalicious, A Bad Case of Stripes. 


Dates to Remember

June Lunch Orders are due May 23rd.

May 6th – 10th – Teacher Appreciation

May 12th – Mother's Day

May 27th – Adventures In Learning will be closed in observance of Memorial Day