Welcome to the Infant Room!

In order to provide the best possible infant care for your child, we feel it is important for us to work as a team. Parents and caregivers both bring valuable dimensions to your child’s development. With mutual respect and clear communication, your child’s growth at Adventures In Learning can be a happy and rewarding experience. We hope you find the following information helpful as well as informative. Our infant care center is available to children ages six weeks to 24 months. A ratio of one licensed caregiver with up to four infants is maintained at all times. The infant room has up to eight infants with two teachers. At approximately 24 months or two years old, children leave the infant center, move up to the two year old class and begin the first stage of our preschool program. Age is not the only factor when determining classroom placement. Where a child is developmentally is taken into consideration as well. Due to small group sizes and our goal to provide more individualized attention, as well as quality care, our infant center is full-time. This means that whether your child attends three days or five days, the rate will be the same, as no other child will be using the center in their absence. Our center may be used up to ten hours per day, Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. We will ask that you complete an Infant Needs and Care Plan for us quarterly or any time there is a change in your child’s diet or routine. This will help us to care for your baby.


Lesson plans are created weekly and customized to meet the developmental needs of each infant in our care. While some lessons are planned for specific children, all may participate and benefit from the activity. Please take a few minutes to review the lesson plan each week to see what your child’s teacher has planned. Feel free to discuss her lesson plans with her.


Any facility that offers daycare for infants must be flexible about feeding times. All of the infants in our care are fed on demand and on their own individual schedules. Every feeding will be documented in your child’s daily care log with the time, what they were fed, and how much. Bottles and baby food must come prepared and labeled with your child’s name, the contents (i.e. formula, breast milk, or juice) and the date it was prepared. Once a bottle is offered the time is noted and it can be re-offered for up to one hour and then discarded. After a bottle is used it will be rinsed out and placed in your child’s cubby to be taken home. Finger foods can be introduced between 6 and 9 months of age or whenever a child develops a pincer grip (finger-thumb pickup). Since most babies will not be able to feed themselves with a spoon until 15 months of age, finger foods keep them actively involved in the feeding process. Good finger foods are dry cereals, toast, cheese wedges, pieces of scrambled egg whites, macaroni and cheese, noodles w/butter, diced chicken and rice, cooked vegetables strips or diced, slices of canned fruit, slices of banana, crackers, cookies, and breads. The teachers will discuss your child’s nutritional needs and make recommendations based on their experience with your child. Please feel free to discuss any ideas or concerns you have about your child’s diet.


Your baby will be changed at least every 2 to 3 hours and will be using between 5 and 6 diapers daily while in our care. A supply of diapers and wipes must be maintained at all times. The teacher will give reminders when your supply is running low. The teachers document diaper changes in your child’s daily care log. The changing table is sanitized after every use and the teacher washes her hands after every diaper change.


Infants are on their own sleep schedule. Each nap will be documented in your child’s daily care log. Your baby will need a crib size sheet each day as well as a spare to be kept in their cubby. Blankets are optional. Bedding may be left at the center all week and taken home to be laundered over the weekend.

What to bring and what to wear:

  • Please bring your child dressed for the day in comfortable clothing that allows easy access for diaper changes and clean up. We only change the children’s clothes as necessary (if they get soiled or due to an unexpected change in the weather). You may not bring your child in pajamas and expect the teacher to change them into a different outfit for the day. Make sure clothing fits properly for your child’s mobility and safety. Parents assume all responsibility for “dress up” clothing.
  • Your child needs to have two complete changes of clothing (seasonally appropriate) in their cubby at all times. All clothing needs to be clearly labeled with your child’s name.
  • Two clean fitted crib sheets and a small blanket no larger than 4′ x 4′ (optional) with your child’s name on them.
  • A supply of diapers and wipes must be maintained at all times. Reminders will be given when your supply is getting low.
  • Enough pre made bottles and baby food for their time with us; all labeled with your child’s name and the date they were prepared.

Infant care is currently offered at our Tustin center only.